Micro-B Scuba System

Microdive Introduces First Scuba Qualification for Swimming Pool Divers

In a move that recognises the first stage in new scuba diver’s training, Microdive Ltd has introduced a qualification for the successful completion of the initial studies of the diving theory and swimming pool phases of the Microdive Basic Diver 3-metre course.
Learn To Dive In 1 Day!

UK’s Cheapest Ever Diving Qualification

Royal Yachting Association (RYA) Microdiving Course Becomes UK’s Cheapest Ever Diving Qualification Would-be scuba divers can now receive full training and an internationally valid diving qualification in one day for £149. This is for the Microdive RYA 3-Metre Basic Diver course which

Powerboat Racing

Powerboat Racing team Complete Their First Microdive Safety Training Twelve UK powerboat racing crew members have completed the first Microdive RYA Basic Diver training programme in Great Yarmouth, UK. The new safety requirement has been mandated by for any power boat racer who is lik
Mini B On Deck

Scuba Gear for Abu Dhabi Police

Microdive Scuba Gear for Abu Dhabi Police A Microdive Scuba Gear Micro-B is seen closed and ready for use. With its cover removed, the system beside it reveals the scuba unit’s components. The Abu Dhabi Police Force has become the first to buy Microdive scuba systems from Microd
From Snorkelling to Microdiving

From Snorkeling to Microdiving

From Snorkeling to Microdiving – The Natural Progression! Seaside holidays as a kid had me snorkeling before I could even swim properly and I have been doing it at every opportunity since then. Because of this I think I am pretty experienced and have snorkelled in places ranging

Microdive Scuba Gear

MINI B AND THE NOT SO DEEP BLUE C - Regarded by some as revolutionaries in the world of scuba diving, Mini B have taken the forefront in alternative formats to conventional sub aqua gear. Their purpose – to make it easier by reducing complexity and increasing comfort. Style, performan
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