Powerboat Racing

Powerboat Racing team Complete Their First Microdive Safety Training Twelve UK powerboat racing crew members have completed the first Microdive RYA Basic Diver training programme in Great Yarmouth, UK. The new safety requirement has been mandated by for any power boat racer who is lik
C-Pro - the solution to your underboat issues

RNLI Review

By Keith Baldwin – RNLI Sea Safety Advisor Microdive has been manufacturing state of the art scuba diving equipment for over a decade and have to be one of the most obliging companies that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Their products are used in many different industries
RYA Powerboat Racing Dunk Test

Prop Torque

RYA Powerboat Racing Officer Nikki Drummond is put through her paces in the racers dunk test and new microdive course… On Sunday 17 March RYA Powerboat Racing Officer headed to Staffordshire to literally get her hair wet, when she tried her hand at the Immersion Test and the new
Scuba Diver Clearing Propeller

Microdive Diving Course

Neale Byart tries a shallow-water diving course and a Microdive diving system designed to help sailors free props, scrub hulls and set anchors Diving would make it so much easier to free a fouled propeller, scrub the hull, check the anchor set or the condition of a swinging mooring, o
From Snorkelling to Microdiving

From Snorkeling to Microdiving

From Snorkeling to Microdiving – The Natural Progression! Seaside holidays as a kid had me snorkeling before I could even swim properly and I have been doing it at every opportunity since then. Because of this I think I am pretty experienced and have snorkelled in places ranging
Mini B - So smooth diving

Microdive – Coming Of the Casual Diver

DO WE ALL TAKE OUR DIVING TOO SERIOUSLY, and do we expect others to do the same? Is the sport’s entry level too high? Nine years ago, I was chatting to Red Sea diving instructor Rob Hart at the divEr Awards, held in those days at the Savoy, listening to him enthuse about his gre
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