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Sailingtoday Editor Gets Microdive Certified

Toby Heppell Discovers The Joy Of Scuba Diving

Unlike many of my friends, I have never felt particularly drawn to the underwater world of Diving. The surface is where I belong and if I do find myself underwater, it usually means something has gone badly wrong. On a number of occasions, however, frustrated by the cost of a diver to
C-Pro - the solution to your underboat issues

RNLI Review

By Keith Baldwin – RNLI Sea Safety Advisor Mini B Ltd has been manufacturing state of the art scuba diving equipment for over a decade and have to be one of the most obliging companies that I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Their products are used in many different industrie
Scuba Diver Clearing Propeller

Microdive Diving Course

Neale Byart tries a shallow-water diving course and a Mini B diving system designed to help sailors free props, scrub hulls and set anchors Diving would make it so much easier to free a fouled propeller, scrub the hull, check the anchor set or the condition of a swinging mooring, or i
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