Microdive Sport

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Microdive Sport ... the perfect solution for the recreational diver

Sport 10 Ltrs


If we handed out awards for ‘the ingenious Gadget of the Year’ then the Microdive Scuba Equipment would certainly be a strong contender. This ingenious piece of kit just makes you slap your forehead and wonder why you didn’t think of inventing it yourself. Space is always at a premium on board and bulky, heavy kit rolling around on a rough sea always has the potential to damage both itself and the boat. By wrapping up a full scuba kit in one handy backpack, the Microdive scuba equipment overcome pretty much all the issues.

First though, let’s get this all in perspective. The average dive enthusiast would no doubt want to use his own conventional kit for a dive session and he would be perfectly justified in doing so. But there is no doubting the fact that the Microdive offers a quicker, more convenient and more comfortable alternative to setting up your full kit when you need to get in the water, be it a boat dive or shore one. With the air tank, regulator, BCD and weights all integrated into a one-size-fits all backpack, you can be ready to explore the underwater world in no-time. The only additional kit you need is a mask and fins and both can also be supplied by Microdive.

The Microdive Scuba units come in a variety of models for various applications. They go from the easily stowable Microdive Classic (five-litre tank capacity), which is suitable for shallow, short-duration submerged activities, to the Microdive Sport MKII and the Beach Edition 10 (ten-litre tank capacity) for leisure divers. So whatever kind of activity you enjoy on the water, you can pretty much guarantee there will be a product in the range to suit.

In addition to the fact that this scuba gear involves far less kitting up time, the gauges and hoses are protected inside the backpack when not in use and the whole bundle is extremely easy to stow and transport. The makers also claim that the curvy design is more hydrodynamically efficient – meaning you burn less energy during your dive.


The Microdive Sport is a disarmingly simple concept and yet, as an impromptu full scuba dive kit for going deeper and taking a look at a pretty patch of water from a different perspective, whether from a beach or boat, it makes fantastic sense to go out and invest in this modern and attractive all integrated scuba equipment.

At last, a perfect travel companion for those who like to use their trusted and personalised diving equipment wherever they are in the world.

Warning: Using compressed breathing apparatus while submerged requires specialist training.