Micro-B Scuba Gear

Posted by Abdelmajid 04/02/2015 0 Comment(s)

Microdive Scuba Gear for Abu Dhabi Police

Micro B

A Microdive Scuba Gear Micro-B is seen closed and ready for use. With its cover removed, the system beside it reveals the scuba unit’s components.

The Abu Dhabi Police Force has become the first to buy Micro-B scuba systems from Microdive, for use during their operational policing. The organization has bought 20 Micro-B systems with 1.5 litre tanks which are the smallest scuba systems in the world and weigh just 7.5 kg. They are designed for short duration dives in shallow water for tasks such as evidence retrieval or the preliminary inspection of a boat’s hull. They can also be used to enable emergency crew escapes following, for example, helicopter immersion.

The Micro-B System is the smallest model in the range from Microdive Scuba Equipment, which has designed them specifically for use in shallow waters.

A complete Micro-B system including fins, mask, wetsuit and snorkel can all be contained within the backpack of the larger models and all may be routinely carried in any police vehicle. This would ensure that Abu Dhabi police officers trained in open water diving are able to respond immediately to any situation where it is necessary to go under water.