Safety Equipment Review

Posted by Abdelmajid 04/02/2015 0 Comment(s)

Safety Equipment Review


Microdive has been producing portable aqualung systems designed as safety equipment for yachtsmen who need to get over the side, for clearing a rope from a propeller,and/or for swimming pool maintenance. But they are also very much a fun and fully geared scuba packs in their own right, that include everything a scuba diver needs to venture nderwater for fun, from a beach or boat.

Boats Safety Equipment Reviewed The 5-litre C-Pro, which is a backpack with all the features of a scuba kit for shallow-water diving, including buoayancy system, all needed hoses, 5 Ltr steel cylinder, regulator and air pressure gauge.

It’s fairly compact and light to carry, for stowing and is easy to deploy quickly for situations such as a man-overboard.

Verdict: Venture underwater for repairs or for fun with this all integrated aqualung systems.