C-Pro Standard

C-Pro scuba system for boat owners

C-Pro Standard, The Underwater Tool For Boat Owners:

  •     Lighter Than Conventional Equipment
  •     Fast to Put On In An Emergency
  •     Stows Easily On Board
  •     Ideal For Freeing Ropes Around Props, Scrubbing Off, Checking Moorings or Simply Having FUN!

C-Pro Standard

Designed and kitted with Boat and Yacht owners in mind! With its minimalistic features, the C-Pro open circuit scuba system is the perfect tool for getting you below the water line so that you can clear a propeller, check mooring lines or scrape your hull.

The C-Pro scuba system is an ideal safety product for man overboard scenarios, supplying both breathing air and flotation (BCD) on the surface. It supplies ample air for standard sorties. The air cell provides buoyancy control on the surface and underwater.

Its unique, one size fits all harness, ensures that the unit can be worn in comfort, what ever the users size. Its compact dimensions allow easy stowage where space is at premium.

Integrated C-Pro Standard BCD system which has the following unique features:

    • Removable and changeable cover
    • Side handles for easy carriage and transportation
    • One size fits all harness; from small to extra large
    • Air Cell and Power Inflator
    • C-Pro Standard Backboard
    • 37cm Air Hose
    • 75cm Air Hose
    • Twin Manifold
    • Cylinder straps
    • 3 Ltr Cylinder
  • Regulator
  • Air Pressure Gauge
Please note that due to transport safety and regulations, Microdive Scuba equipment does not ship with air in the cylinders.
Please also note that in order to use this equipment, you will need to be qualified as a scuba diver. But don't worry if you are not, simply visit
www.microdive.com/e-learning/ and sign up to become qualified in as little as 1 day!
Buoyancy Control Device Specs
Size (cm) 52 x 50 x 17
Floatation Type Back-lift
Harness One Size Fits All
Integrated Weight Pockets Yes
Quick Release Buckles Yes
Lift Capacity (kg) 26.51
Complete System Specs
Style C-Pro Standard
Regulator Yes
Octopus No
Air and Depth Gauge Air Gauge Only
Maximum Cylinder Capacity (Litres) 5 Ltrs
Max Cylinder Length (cm) 53.0
Max Cylinder Diameter (cm) 16.0
Weight (approx. kg) 12.74
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  • £660.00

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