About Us

Microdive™ - The simple solution...

is for those wishing to experience underwater activities in ease and comfort.

perfect diving with mini-b

The all integrated Microdive scuba products are built to the highest industry standards, are durable, simple to operate, easy to maintain and with space inside for air cylinders with capacities ranging between 1.5 and 12 litres, as well as the choice of 232 BAR or 300 BAR, can cover a host of underwater applications.

Unlike conventional scuba diving equipment, Microdive systems position the tank, weights and buoyancy control system inside an outer case for protection, to reduce drag and improve hydrodynamics whilst underwater. Mini B on the beach

Their horizontally mounted tank places the weight onto the users hips instead of their back,thus improving stability and allowing the product to be worn on land and underwater in absolute comfort.

All Microdive™ systems have a one size fits all harness making them suitable for the whole family. The removable panel can be customized (with any artwork ie logos etc) to personalize the product; a perfect platform for club, school or any organization to use and promote their business.

The Microdive scuba systems are designed to remain assembled, can be donned quickly and once used be packed away neatly with their hoses tucked inside the outer case so can be stowed and transported easily.

No wonder the Microdive™ integrated systems have become the product of choice to support recreational and commercial activities around the world!